Our outlook

After nearly 15 years of activities in agribusiness, Épicéa ABC has chosen its path and will deepen the fruit, vanilla and other spices sectors and will find its way into the highly coveted sector of essential oils, parapharmacy and the aromatherapy. So she decided to restructure and hire a qualified team. It will also change its name and become EPICEA Épicéa ABC.

A significant investment will eventually be made to take this turn and to succeed in this daring bet.

In addition to a few acquisitions of land, necessary for autonomous agriculture, organic with extensive traceability. It should also invest in efficient equipment adapted to its needs (stills, grinding installation and other transformations). A personalized laboratory would also allow it to stand out from the competition, in order to guarantee products of above-average quality.

A strategic technical partnership becomes necessary to achieve this quality objective.

EPICEA Épicéa ABC will require the support of its financial and technical partners for at least five years, in order to operate effectively in these coveted sectors. The world we live in calling for a healthier lifestyle that respects the environment and people.

* organic and fairtrade certifications in progress
* partnership project on request

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