Our quality and fair trade commitments

Our sales sectors

Flagrances, Industrials, Chefs, artisans, ice cream parlors, chocolate makers, we offer you our selection of fatty and supple bourbon vanilla as well as our intense powder of vanilla pods. The selection and the perfect quality of your vanilla pods and your vanilla powder, guarantees the success of your creations and achievements.

An invitation to travel

Épicéa ABC offers you the discovery of the flavors and the exceptional fragrance of vanilla from Madagascar.

The whole vanilla preparation process takes about 8 months. And is an integral part of Malagasy know-how from generation to generation.

It is very important to respect all the processing steps in order to obtain optimum final quality.

The vanilla once stabilized is rigorously selected by hand to offer the best of its potential.


This step involves soaking the selected green pods in hot water at 60 degrees for 3 minutes.


Vanilla pods are placed in crates padded with blankets to retain heat for 24 to 72 hours.


For 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the potential quality level (selection)

The vanilla pods are dried for a few hours a day in the oven first, then placed on racks in the sun before being put back in the shade for the best quality.

The ripening

The vanilla pods are placed in wooden trunks dressed with baking paper.

During the remaining months, in the secrecy of the trunks, the aroma will develop and develop under the rigorous and daily attention of the preparer.